To be the leading brand in healthy confectionery in the Spanish industry and one of the main players worldwide due to both its expertise and variety and wide range of products, and to be able to generate trust in customers who have little knowledge of the product.


To show families that it is possible to have supplements and indulge responsibly thanks to the concept multivitamins in the shape of sweets without (sugar, gluten…), as rigorous and effective as any other health supplements.


  • Experts in confectionery and functional foods: our Group has been producing all types of confectionery for 150 years, including sweets with functional properties, and we count with many milestones in our history, the last one being sugar-free gummies.
  • Long-time experience in the industry of functional confectionery: we also have broad experience in competing with large multinationals specialising in healthy confectionary in the North American market.
  • Understanding towards our consumers: we know that looking after our health is not easy since it requires effort and perseverance. We understand our customers’ needs and represent the perfect balance between health and flavour, shape and texture. This way, taking care of yourself and your family becomes part of a delicious routine.
  • Clear and simple: the labelling of all our products is clear, transparent and very visual to provide customers with a good understanding of a product which is little known and for which little information is available in the Spanish market.
  • Scientifically strict: we carry out strict and demanding quality controls, as proven by the various higher level certifications our plant has been awarded with, audited by independent and internationally recognised companies such as: BRC, IFS, GMP, and OTC.