Why bet on functional confectionery?

In Spain, functional gummies still have a low market penetration but they have great potential: between 2012 and 2015, the functional gummies industry reflected an average growth rate of 15%, which increases to 20% if we consider only the activity over the last year.

In addition, 6% of consumers consider food supplements in the shape of gummies more effective, 16% consider pills more effective, 14% consider drinks more effective and 63% consider food more effective. We count with loyal customers within a little-known industry.

The global market is, in this sense, much more competitive: in the United States, the segment of functional gummies already represents 36% of the food supplements industry. Over 50% of multivitamins for children in this country and in the United Kingdom are made up of gummies. For this reason, an increasing number of brands for functional gummies are emerging, and pharmaceutical companies are developing new functional gummies to try and take over the market.

Faced with this global growing trend, VITALDIN offers the widest range of functional gummies developed in the Spanish market. We offer products designed to meet the specific needs of each individual and, above all, to make taking care of our health a pleasure.